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Eleven floors of awesome.

From the moment you step through the doors of The Southside Building, you’ll know you’re somewhere just a little bit special. We’ve always wanted our name up in lights, so a neon sign welcomes you into our reception space, where you’ll find one wall devoted to a stunning mural that celebrates Birmingham, the city we love. Grab a magazine and choose a comfy chair or stylish settee to take in the raw beauty of the concrete columns and exposed ceilings. It’s a dramatic entrance, and creates quite the impression on tenants and visitors alike.

And it doesn’t end there. Throughout the building, you’ll find curated artworks and imagery from celebrated local talent alongside specially commissioned murals inspired by Birmingham. In fact, the whole building is a love letter to Brum; we Brummies don’t often shout loud enough about how great our city is, so we thought it was about time that changed.

But all that wonderful art isn’t just there to look pretty. It’s there to inspire your creative juices and to fire your synapses into action. The Southside Building is a space for creators, curators and innovators to thrive.

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Open plan suites to let from 1,500-6,000 sq ft at The Southside Building in Birmingham.

A blank canvas to make your own

The Southside Building offers a range of flexible, contemporary working spaces from 1,500 – 6,000 sq ft ready for the modern business.

And while we’re very proud of our aesthetic, we wouldn’t dream of imposing it on our tenant’s own spaces, so each workspace is a blank canvas ready for you to express your individual personality, making it yours and yours alone.

But what is common to every workspace is a commitment to style and quality. Exposed concrete finishes and galvanised surfaces are unapologetically raw to create visually interesting, textural spaces with a contemporary urban aesthetic. And materials are of a consistently high quality throughout, creating spaces that are anything but grey.

Open plan offices to let available at The Southside Building in Birmingham.
Open plan offices to let available at The Southside Building in Birmingham.


Floor Suite Sq Ft
9th Floor Suite A 1,690 sq ft
8th Floor Suite A 1,615 sq ft
7th Floor Suite A 1,617 sq ft
3rd Floor Suite A 4,437 sq ft
Suite B 1,691 sq ft
2nd Floor Suite A 4,339 sq ft
1st Floor The Studio  
Suite A 2,570 sq ft
Suite B 2,398 sq ft

1st Floor and
Southside Studio

3rd Floor

Typical Podium Floor

Typical Tower Floor

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Occupier discounts

Complimentary wi-fi in communal areas

Shower and changing facilities

Secure cycle store with lockers


Raised access floors


Plug & play telecoms and internet

Open plan offices to let available at The Southside Building in Birmingham.